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Samsung posts 48% profit jump — but it’s all down to components not smartphones


 Despite the Galaxy Note 7 saga and the arrest of its de facto head on bribery charges, Samsung’s business has bounced back. The company just announced its first quarter financial results, and they are as impressive as it had forecast earlier this month. Operating profit for the quarter rose by 48 percent year-on-year to reach 9.9 trillion KRW, or approximately $8.7 billion. That makes… Read More

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Samsung says the Galaxy S8 easily outsold the S7


 The Galaxy S8 experience is something of a mixed bag – but it’s certainly not a bomb. As ever, Samsung isn’t giving out exact numbers, but the company is happily reporting that the new flagship has seen a 30-percent increase in pre-orders over its predecessor, here in the States. The new sales figures technically account for two separate handsets – the S8 and S8+… Read More

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Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is now on sale in the U.S., Canada and Korea with more launches to come


 If you’ve been holding out patiently for the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, Samsung’s newest flagship devices, then your wait may soon be over after the phones went on sale in an initial four markets. Samsung is starting sales in the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico and Korea today (Friday), with expansions to other countries coming “in the weeks ahead,” it said. In case you missed… Read More

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A disappointing debut for Samsung’s smart assistant, Bixby


 Last week Samsung announced that the Galaxy S8 would ship without Bixby Voice control. It seems unlikely that little bombshell will dissuade anyone from buying the new flagship. It is, after all, a great piece of hardware, as detailed in our recent review. Still, it’s a notable disappointment for one of the phone’s key selling points and a stumble for a feature that’s… Read More

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Samsung is back in business as it forecasts 50% profit jump


 Samsung is back in business. Fresh from its highest profit jump in three years and the successful launch of its new flagship Galaxy S8, the Korean company is now forecasting a big jump in profits for its upcoming Q1 2017 financials. The company is predicting profits for the quarter will come in around 9.9 trillion KRW ($8.7 billion), which would be up 48 percent year-on-year. Revenue is… Read More

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Samsung turned the Note 7 disaster into an S8 feature


 The greatest trick Samsung ever pulled was spinning its biggest misfire into a feature. And it happened right under our noses. In fact, not only did the company complete the transformation in plain sight, it used its highest profile platform to do it. Yesterday’s big Galaxy S8 event marked the finishing touches. Buried deep in the pomp and circumstance of the press conference was the… Read More

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Your next smartphone is not going to be a revolution


 Samsung promised a revolution today. The company opened today’s Unpacked event by contextualizing the history of mobile phones, from the 1980s to today. The conceit was simple: Today’s big announcement marks a step in cell phone evolution akin to the jump from the Zack Morris brick to the flip phone or the clamshell to the smartphone. What it delivered was a phone with fewer bezels. Read More

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