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Amazon modifies its Kindle ebook contracts following EU investigation


 Amazon has accepted new contract terms with book publishers in the European Union after Commissioner Margrethe Vestager led an investigation into Amazon’s practices. After today’s decision, Amazon will no longer force publishers to provide the best price on the company’s Kindle store. The investigation started a couple of years ago as publishers started to worry that… Read More

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Zapier launches $250/month team accounts


 Zapier, the business process-centric services for connecting different applications and automating workflows, today announced the launch of “Zapier for Teams.” This new, $250/month plan complements the company’s existing free and $20/month tiers and adds a number of collaboration features to the service. “We have well over a million registered users on the platform… Read More

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UberPOOL will now suggest better drop-offs to save everyone time


 Uber’s adding a new feature to UberPOOL that will hopefully help expedite trips, for both drivers and passengers. UberPOOL riders will now get pop-up drop-off spot suggestions in the app while en route, letting them know when it might be easier to just jump out of the car and walk instead of sitting in traffic. The alternate drop-off points will be algorithmically generated based on… Read More

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Apple updates its analytics service with new metrics showing how apps get discovered


 Apple yesterday updated its App Analytics service for mobile app developers on iTunes Connect, which will now offer more detail on how users found an app – whether through browsing or searching the App Store, or if they were referred by way of another app or a website. The updates could help developers better understand how keyword changes affect their search ranking on the App Store,… Read More

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Caribou Bioscience’s Rachel Haurwitz will chat with us about clipping out cancer at Disrupt NY


 CRISPR Cas9 — the framework to program and edit our genetic code — has been hailed as the technological discovery of the century. The Cas9 enzyme acts as a type of genetic scissors, allowing scientists to snip out, edit and replace DNA at certain intervals along the genome and it holds great promise for improving our food supply and wiping out cancer and other diseases in our… Read More

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Transport Canada recalls the AT-AT walker for poor cold weather performance


 Today is May the 4th, which has become an international day for recognizing the mega franchise we all know and love and shower with our dollars almost continually lately via movie ticket and product purchases. It’s also a day that can be truly fun, especially when staid government agencies get in on the gag, as Transport Canada has done with a recall notice it issued today for the… Read More

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Despite setbacks, Soylent drinks up $50 million in fresh funding


 Soylent, a four-year-old, L.A.-based company that’s centered around what it calls a meal replacement drink, has taken its licks in recent years.  But a group of investors is betting Soylent’s best days are ahead of the company; they just provided it with $50 million in fresh funding in a round that brings Soylent’s total funding to $74.5 million. GV’s Andy… Read More

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The KeyOne is the phone BlackBerry should have made 10 years ago


 The KeyOne is a device from an alternative timeline where BlackBerry didn’t completely whiff and miss the touchscreen revolution. In that parallel universe, Biff Tannen wasn’t elected president and nobody forced devoted thumb-typers to abandon their beloved QWERTY keyboards. It’s tempting to imagine a history where the device arrived on the scene in time to save… Read More

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TuringSense scores $3 million to build fitness trackers smart enough to train athletes


 TuringSense announced today that it’s closed a $3 million early funding round, an investment that brings the Bay area-based sports tracker startup’s total investment to $6 million. The company’s entering a crowded space, dominated by the likes Zepp, which has scored some high profile partnerships with major league sports and high profile players like Mike Trout and David… Read More

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Google adds phishing protection to Gmail on Android


 Following the widespread phishing scam that affected Google Docs and Gmail users this week, Google says it’s now rolling out a new security feature in its Gmail application on Android that will help warn users about suspicious links. This feature may not have prevented this week’s attack, however, as that attack involved a malicious and fake “Google Docs” app that… Read More

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