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Five companies considered buying LinkedIn


microsoft linkedin A new SEC filing posted Friday gives more clarity about what led up to Microsoft acquiring LinkedIn for more than $26 billion. And it proves that Microsoft wasn’t the only prospective buyer. It shows that the talks between LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella began on February 16 of this year, just 12 days after the earnings debacle where LinkedIn shares plummeted.… Read More

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The silver lining of Google’s diversity efforts


google logo Google has had a big week around diversity. The company gifted a $2.8 million office space inside its New York City building to Black Girls Code, appointed Roger Ferguson, an African-American finance executive, to its board of directors, and released its latest diversity report. Most of this was good news. Having a space inside Google’s office could potentially give Black Girls Code… Read More

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Google, McKinsey and Rocket Internet launch search for Europe’s best

In an effort to shed more light onto the European startup scene, Google, McKinsey and Rocket Internet have collaborated to set up a new awards show for startups. It joins The Europas, the European Tech Startups Awards which have been going since 2009, which TechCrunch partners with. The Digital Top 50 Awards will highlight Start-ups and “Scale-ups” from EU and EFTA countries… Read More

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Google adds recent earthquake info to its search results


EarthquakesFlow_cutout_transparent If you live anywhere near an earthquake zone (hello, San Francisco!), chances are you’ve occasionally wondered whether what you felt was an earthquake or just the rumbling of a heavy truck driving by (or whether it was a minor nearby earthquake or a big one farther away). Starting today, you can simply use Google (desktop and mobile) and search for ‘earthquake’ or… Read More

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Google-backed undersea cable between US and Japan goes online tonight


faster-cable Google started making investments in a number of undersea cables back in 2008, but one of its largest investments was in the $300 million FASTER cable between Japan and the U.S. West Coast. Back in 2014, Google announced that it was joining a consortium of six companies, including NEC, China Mobile, China Telecom, Global Transit and KDDI, to better connect the two countries. As the… Read More

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Google+ turns 5 and is somehow still alive


google-plus-5-years People who love Google+ sure love Google+. That hasn’t changed since Google first launched what at the time seemed like a credible Facebook competitor back in June 2011. If you’re a Google+ fan, today is a day to celebrate: Against all odds, your favorite social network turned five today. For everybody else, the fact that Google+ is still online may come as a surprise. The number… Read More

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Google researchers teach AIs to see the important parts of images — and tell you about them


artificial intelligence This week is the Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition conference in Las Vegas, and Google researchers have several accomplishments to present. They’ve taught computer vision systems to detect the most important person in a scene, pick out and track individual body parts and describe what they see in language that leaves nothing to the imagination. Read More

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