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Lenovo’s gutting of Motorola is nearly complete


137286_900 My first cell phone was a Sanyo. But only because I couldn’t afford a Motorola. I wanted a StarTAC. All the cool kids had a StarTAC. My Sanyo said loud and clear I was not a cool kid. Sometime later, I spent around $650 to be one of the first people to get the RAZR. People didn’t stand in line back then, but I purchased it at the store the first day it was available. I was finally… Read More

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If Google buys Twitter, there’s a perfect spot for it in YouTube


google-acquires-twitter If you combined the fastest and slowest types of social media, the result could be both must-see and never-forgotten. YouTube lacks short-form, frequently updated content, but is synonymous with video and that popularity brings in lucrative ads. Twitter is struggling with growth and monetization, but it’s the pulse of the planet, generating tons of real-time content and engagement.… Read More

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Google said to debut Android/Chrome OS hybrid on tablet, convertible notebook


Android apps on Chrome Google is planning hybrid devices that run both Android and Chrome OS, including one convertible laptop, and one Huawei Nexus-branded tablet, according to a new report from 9to5Google. The report backs up another from Android Police today that says a convertible notebook is on the way. The Andromeda project bakes Chrome OS features into Android, giving you the best of both worlds in one… Read More

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Google adds Spanish-language voting guides to Search


voterregistration_en Google is continuing its push to get more Americans registered to vote ahead of the upcoming presidential elections by expanding its voter information guides in Google Search to Spanish. While the company was already providing web searchers with details on how to get registered and how to vote, based on your current location, those guides were only triggered by searches for English phrases… Read More

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Google said to debut Pixel phones, Echo competitor, VR headset and more in October


pixel_lightstrip Fall tends to bring new hardware from Google, which mainly involves new Nexus smartphones built in tandem with OEM partners. This year, things could be quite different since Google has a number of hardware projects in the works, and the Nexus brand is reportedly being replaced with a Pixel-badged line of smartphone devices. All will be revealed on October 4, according to a new report from… Read More

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Smartphone apps now account for half the time Americans spend online


shutterstock_186292982 Here’s a stat that’s sure to worry Google: smartphone applications now account for half the time that U.S. users spend online, up from 41 percent back in July 2014, according to a new report from comScore. And when you add tablet applications into the mix, that figure rises to nearly 60 percent. The new milestone was achieved this July, the report says, and is a testament to… Read More

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Google helps Faroe Islanders spin their Sheep View yarn


pasted image 0 Back in July, a group of Faroe Islanders launched their own version of Street View, cheekily called “Sheep View 360,” by outfitting sheep on the island with 360-degree camera and using that to fuel its own mapping project. The Faroe Island crew was acting alone, in an effort to shore up its absence of Google street-level coverage using the independent Danish territory’s… Read More

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