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21 Quick Tips on Writing Great Blog Posts

21 Quick Tips on Writing Great Blog Posts


writing great Blog posts

Here are some of the Quick tips on writing great Blog Posts.

While they are all short I hope that they might spark some ideas (I’ve included a few links for further reading on some of the points) – enjoy!


  1. Tell your story– it is one of the key things that will make your content stand out of the crowd
  2. Share how you feel– it will take your readers to a deeper place and make it more relocatable
  3. You’ll never please everyone– the sooner you make peace with this reality, the better!
  4. Write about things that matter to you– passion is infectious and your readers will catch ahold of it. Tell the world something important.
  5. Inform, inspire and interact– aim to do these things every week (read more on this)!
  6. Experiment with different styles of writing– it will help you find your voice
  7. Mix up the length of your posts– short can be sweet but long can be epic!
  8. When an idea strikes– drop everything and capture it!
  9. Do everything you can to understand who is reading your blog– it will make you much more useful to them.
  10. Before you publish– ask what you want your reader to do after reading your post – and edit accordingly. Calls to actionare important! to write great blog posts
  11. Become hyper aware of problems – and obsessively write posts that solve them.
  12. Put aside time to come up with ideas to write about – here are 180 suggested topics to write great blog posts.
  13. Put aside time to create quality content– it doesn’t just happen!
  14. Put aside time to edit and your posts– it will take them to the next level
  15. Get a life– you’ll be a much more interesting writer if you’ve lived a little
  16. Ask your readers’ questions– it will make them feel like they belong and you’ll learn a lot from their answers! that’s a sign of great blog posts.
  17. Take your readers on a journey– posts that build from one to another can be powerful. Build momentum and create anticipation and you’ll hook readers for the long term.
  18. Brainstorm regularly– generating ideas for future posts now can save a lot of pain later and help you keep things rolling. I highly recommend mind mapping.
  19. Not every post needs to go viral– shareable content will help you grow but it may not serve your current readers best. as the reader are in the search for Great blog posts
  20. Write, Write, Write– the more you practice, the better you will get
  21. Publish selectively– you don’t need to publish everything you write

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